The year of Grade 5!

This year of Grade 5 was phenomenal! I had lots of fun and I was always jubilant. I thought that Grade 5 was one of the best grades ever because I learned a lot of different facts and words. To have Mrs. Davis as a teacher, school was a blast! From Halloween, to Christmas. I had fun all the time. Our class had lots of parties. We got to eat different food, play different sports and games like Capture the Flag, dodgeball… Also, we had the Alan Dick Memorial Run. It was a memory to Mr. Alan Dick. We also had camp, which was very fun! We had rock climbing, mountain biking and lots of other fun stuff.
Even though sometimes we had exams, tests and work to do, it was still interesting because we got to learn lots of interesting facts and we still had some fun learning.

I hope that next year at Grade 6 would be as fun as Grade 5!

Roland Garros!

This year’s Roland Garros was the best tennis tournament ever! Many players did their best to achieve the best result they can get. Many players had gained plenty of world ranking!
Men Singles: Rafeal Nadal (Spain) Seeded #2
Women Singles: Francesca Schiavone (Italy) Seeded #17
Women Doubles: Serena Williams and Venus Williams (Both USA) Seeded #1
Men Doubles: Nenad Zimonjic and Daniel Nestor (Serbia and Canada) Seeded #2

Top 10 Blogs!



Today, I saw the movie Sharkwater! It is a documentary from Rob Stewart. Many people think that sharks are very scary creatures, but every year, only 5 people get killed from sharks per year. 5 people is very less compared to other deaths. It is a very good movie and it had won 31 international awards.

Don’t eat shark fin, because it is made from sharks!
Hope you enjoy the movie!


School’s Almost Over!

There is only 10 more days of school left!!!! I’m happy and sad at the same time. 🙂 and 🙁
I’m happy that we have holiday and this year, I get to bring my Macbook Pro home!!!
I’m sad that are teacher and some of my friends are leaving to other places.

This year was very fun and very tough. There were lots of ups and downs.
From parties, to class,
we had fun all the time.
Even though sometimes it was sad,
we still had lots of fun!

This is an unforgettable school year!

Best Blogs

Personal Blog:

I like this blogs because it has a good theme and it has very good writing.

Class Blog:

I like this blog because it is cool and it is interesting.


On May 12th, our grade went on a camp for 3 days and 2 nights! We lived in cabins of Caritas Ming Fai camp which was in Cheung Chau. I met many people I never knew and I made lots of friends. The favourite things I think are funnest is mountain biking because I had lots of fun and I could look at the sea while I am biking. I thought that the cabin was quite good because there is air-conditioner. I disliked doing the camp craft which is setting up the tent and making bread because we weren’t even sleeping in tents and we had to learn how to do it, and the bread we made tasted really weird. I had quite a happy time at camp because everyone always had the chance to hang out with their friends. I learnt some facts about spiders, snakes and frogs. I also learnt about some different trees and plants. When I saw the food, I stared at it at disgust. I thought that I was a pile of food that was cold and unhealthy. The only thing I ate alot of is rice, which I ate like 3 bowls each meal, because the other food like the sandwiches there was revolting. But, I still have lots of fun because I got to do different things and I had a ecstatic time!


I think that most youths (17-20 years old) and Generation Y (21-26 years old) people use cell phones because they always call their friends and maybe their family. I am a young teen and I have a cell-phone to call my parents in case of emergency. I think that this is quite typical to my friends and families.